Sunday, April 30, 2006

nice work if you can get it

Consider all those American workers on the basic minimum wage. In California, it is US$6.75 an hour. At 40 hours a week, with no time off during the year, it equates to about US$14,040 a year. This is very close to the poverty line.

I bet all these people who are considered to be the "working poor" hope they too can attend some company team-building exercise and get spanked in the process.

See - 'Fresno jury awards $1.7 million to woman spanked at work', SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle) of 28 April 2006

Some people's feelings are valued a lot more than the worth and labour of many others.

The company that this woman worked for is still hiring. What a pity they have ceased those types of team-building exercises. I'm sure those on the basic minimum wage wished they had known about it.

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We watched a really cool Dutch film last night on TV called Simon which was both funny and sad. There is no way, that Hollywood could remake it, not until voluntary euthanasia is legal in the US.

This morning, my human left to visit that other ginger cat called Jake. I could smell Jake when my human got home. I found out that Jake's human Dane made breakfast with toasted bagels and smoked salmon for a little group including his sister Erin and her partner Rob. I got to see Dane when he came over briefly, but not long enough for me to leave messages on him back for Jake.

Jake is blurry as he moves like lightning. One minute he is there, the next, gone...

When my human returned, we had a little power catnap together (but with me on the lap) before he did chores then spent a lot of time in the kitchen. The fallen leaves also needed to be cleared from my back deck/porch.

Then Lily and Jimmy's humans Jackie and Brian came over for a roast lamb dinner. I mentioned before that Jimmy is a ginger part-Siamese cat. They also had roast vegetables fresh from yesterday's market.

I had fun sitting on Jackie's lap and crossed the dining table a few times (after the plates were cleared of course).

I did not get any lamb again. How rude! My human tried to trick me by baking my chicken wing so that I would think he was using the oven especially for me (of course he had to take the cooked meat off the bone for me - cooked chicken bones are not good for cats, or dogs). I was not fooled. Roast lamb smells like roast lamb. Not happy.

Earlier today, my stand-off with the mini-roboraptor

Saturday, April 29, 2006

someone make Elle a sandwich!

Elle Macpherson was interviewed in the(sydney)magazine May 2006 edition (out on 27 April), a supplement in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper (not online).

Elle spoke about growing up in Sydney, but with her modelling career, moving to and living in New York, Los Angeles and London. While she misses Sydney, she found that it didn't change as much for her,
except for the fact that I can't find a good salad sandwich like the ones I grew up eating. They were always the same, remember, with grated carrot, tinned beetroot and shredded iceberg lettuce? You can't get them now... they're all a bit too posh with things like avocado, grilled peppers and chutney.

Hey Elle, I have news for you...
- from a head of iceberg lettuce, take some leaves, wash and dry, bunch together and cut into thin strips
- wash and peel a large carrot, then grate
- open a tin of beetroot, drain liquid
- take two slices of bread (whatever you prefer)
- spread with butter, margarine or mayonnaise
- add filling to one slice, then cover with another slice

Sheesh... I can understand if she was moaning about something fancy, but I find it very hard to believe that she cannot make herself a simple sandwich.

It is unbelievable that people need a recipe to make a sandwich!

She left Sydney age 17 without figuring out how to make her favourite salad sandwich. Now age 43, and she still hasn't worked it out!

I like watching my human make sandwiches for his work lunch (as I usually get my second breakfast, hand-fed at this time). He likes these:
- leftover rare roast lamb, spread with cold gravy (the real stuff, not from a packet) and roast butternut pumpkin
- leg ham off the bone, sometimes with cheese
- cream cheese with smoked ocean trout or salmon with caper berries
- mashed up boiled egg with mayonnaise
- leftover cooked chicken with mayonnaise

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I forgot to mention that we watched Whale Rider on Thursday night. It is an amazing movie.

My human was up at the crack of dawn this morning. He went with Kettles' humans Klaudia and Sally and her friend Theresa to the Canberra Region Farmers Market. I mentioned before that Kettles is the white cat who lives two streets away. My human came back with apples, nashi pears, assorted vegetables, super-sized hen eggs (called bomb-busters or bum-busters, from the older 'girls'), and three loaves of bread (Italian crusty, sour dough, and pumpkin). Now the freezer is full of bread which my human had to slice and bag.

This afternoon, my human and I had a nice two hour nap on the couch, which is the perfect thing to do on a cold, wet and rainy day. My human stretched out on the three-seater and I stretched out beside him. How nice.

Then we watched a really charming film called Elizabethtown which was full of quirky characters.

football - round 5

Football round 5 - we are having an appalling season so far

WEST COAST 5.4 9.7 13.12 18.14 (122)
BRISBANE 4.2 7.4 8.8 9.9 (63)
Goals: West Coast: C Judd 4 D Chick 3 A Hunter 2 D Cox 2 S Hurn B Staker J Wooden Q Lynch J Graham A Embley A Selwood. Brisbane: J Brown 2 A McGrath 2 L Power C Johnson J Charman M Clark T Notting.
Best: West Coast: C Judd D Cox A Hunter A Embley T Stenglein. Brisbane: J Charman C Johnson T Notting J Brown L Power.
Umpires: M Stevic M Head D Goldspink.
Crowd: 40,519 at Subiaco Oval.

Aker against Chris Judd

Aker and Judd

Troy Selwood up against his identical twin Adam

Ben Fixter

Michael Rischitelli

Beau McDonald

Luke Power

Totally disappointed


Friday, April 28, 2006

Paris bridges

If you jump off a bridge in Paris, you are in Seine.

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There was a reason why my human spent so long in the kitchen last night. Tonight, Declan and Nell arrived, and then not long after, Merlin's human Kim did. They had pea and ham soup, and then bogracsgulyas for dinner. My human also made a lime tart (he doesn't usually make desserts).

My human was particularly excited when Kim arrived as she went to IKEA last weekend and picked up two new lamps for us. My human needed Declan's help to assemble the Stranne table lamp. It is called the Medusa lamp in my house.

I managed to get lots of lap time with all the visitors. What a nice evening!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Raffinose is on the nose, and why beans make people fart...

Raffinose is is a complex carbohydrate (a trisaccharide made up of galactose, fructose, and glucose - which are sugars).

Raffinose is present in beans and brassicas (cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli), and whole grains.

Usually, raffinose is broken down by an enzyme called alpha galactosidase.

Humans and other animals with one stomach (not ruminants like cows and sheep) don't have the enzyme, so the raffinose doesn't get digested by the stomach and upper intestine.

When the raffinose from beans and other vegetables get to the lower intestine, they come into contact with bacteria which makes it ferment resulting in the production of carbon dioxide, methane and/or hydrogen.

Obviously, this gas needs to escape and usually this is by farting.

Reuters has recently reported that beans can be pre-fermented before cooking to lessen the fart factor. Duh!

See - 'Study shows secret to gas-free beans' Reuters, 26 April 2006.

If you must eat beans including soy, don't give it to the cat.

I have no explanation for farting dogs.

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My human got home just a few minutes past my dinner time and I meowed and meowed at him as he put the key in the door. He thought I was greeting him (like my brother Fatty used to), but I was yelling at him hurry up.

He finally changed the oven light. I watched him the last few days struggling to do it. First he couldn't undo the oven light cover. He even went to buy a long nose pliar, but that didn't work, but he did eventually get the cover off. When he did so, he found that he had bought the wrong light bulb. When he finally did it this evening, you'd think he'd won an Olympic gold medal!

Anyway, I'm happy as he bought a small cheap piece of pork (enough for dinner and for sandwich lunch the next day) which he roasted for dinner, and I was given some, but only after I had eaten most of my usual raw chicken wing.

He also spent too much time in the kitchen tonight, when all I wanted to do was lie on his lap. It's not too much to ask is it?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

another hollywood remake or the original (and the best)?

I will concede that Hollywood remakes of Japanese horror films serve a purpose, as many Americans don't like reading subtitles (worse still, would be terrible dubbing) - The Grudge, The Ring, Dark Water and Pulse. However, there is nothing like the dark and edginess of original Japanese horror.

Re-hashing seventies TV shows for the big screen is well, interesting. Okay, Charlie's Angels was an improvement on the original, but hey, get an original idea! But Bewitched? Gimme a break! Dukes of Hazzard, well, okay. But now Miami Vice, mind you, Colin Farrell and updated fashion might be an improvement.

Then there is the usual stock of recent and upcoming remakes of older films. Some of the originals though, are in fact near classics.

The original Poseidon Adventure (1972) with an all star cast including Shelley Winters really was a minor classic. This was remade into a telemovie with a silly plot, and now comes a movie remake called Poseidon (what's even more disappointing is that the director is the well respected Wolfgang Petersen).

Rehashing old horror movies (not just remaking Japanese ones) is getting a bit too common - The Hills Have Eyes, The Omen etc. What next, The Exorcist?

Remaking The Shaggy Dog was really silly. Is Disney running out of ideas? They should have stopped at Freaky Friday. What next, those early Kurt Russell films?

As for The Pink Panther, there will only ever be one Inspector Clouseau, and that was the late great Peter Sellers.

My human loves the original Lassie Come Home (1943) with Elizabeth Taylor and Roddy McDowall (he always cries at the end). But why remake such a great classic? Surely the original could be re-released.

Some classics that should never be remade are Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's (basically any film with Audrey Hepburn - Sydney Pollack's Sabrina is unforgivable), any of the Hitchcock ones, and certainly not the Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings series.

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Uh oh. I shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag in yesterday's entry about my second breakfast. My human read what I wrote and this morning I got nothing after my tinned salmon. No ham, no treat! So it served him right this morning when he got agitated because he couldn't find a particular fork. He found it in the end in the drawer below the cutlery drawer. He has a wierd thing about cutlery!

Today was a back to work day, so I was home alone again during the day. Sigh!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day, and that dog...

Today, Australia commemorated the 91st anniversary of Anzac Day. 25th April 1915 was the day that Australian and New Zealander troops landed on the Gallipoli peninsular (of the Ottoman Empire, now Turkey) during World War I.

1 Division Signal Company (at Gallipoli)

It is a solemn occasion to remember the fallen from wars and conflicts. You can read more about Anzac Day from the Australian War Memorial website.

Gallipoli was one particular campaign during World War I. While, it was a complete debacle, it is one of our most treasured nation-making stories (symbolising the birth of our nation).

This year, there was more information in the media about another theatre of another war - The Kokoda Trail campaign of World War II when Australian soldiers repelled Japanese invaders in Papua and New Guinea just to the north of Australia. The Japanese had planned to isolate Australia from Europe (by blocking our connection via Asia, like Singapore etc) and the Pacific (Battle of the Coral Sea).

A new film was released today called - Kokoda to educate people more about this particular campaign.

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My human, the doofus that he is, finally worked out why I prefer a tiny amount of food for breakfast. You see, he feeds me as soon as he wakes up. At least he has his priorities right! But I only prefer a very small snack.

No, I wait until after he has his shower, then I follow him to the kitchen. When he makes his breakfast (and packed lunch on a work day), the real good stuff really comes out, like ham sliced off the bone (he buys the residual 'bone' from the delicatessen for nix), leftover cold roast meat, or tinned fish etc. Now, that is my real breakfast.

Jake's human Dane came over in the early afternoon. He had taken his grandparents to the Anzac Day dawn service at the Australian War Memorial and was passing through after dropping them home. As it was during my midday nap, I ignored him. How inconsiderate to come during nap time! Anyway, they were chatting about conscription and other military matters, so my human told Dane that when he was in the military, the worse thing was actually boot camp and waking up at 5.30am for the first couple of days. These days, you should watch him carrying on if he has to catch a 6.30am flight for a work trip!

That dog from next door, Hagrid, came over for a visit again. He must have made another hole in the fence again. He started crying in our yard, so my human let him on to my deck, but I stayed inside and checked him out through the glass in the door. When Hagrid's people got home, you could hear the banging as they covered up yet another hole in the fence.

Hagrid is quite a funny looking dog!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Sassy was a really amazing cool cat in the Homeward Bound films. I do have a gripe about the script of the film though. Sassy should have bossed the dogs around a bit more.

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We stayed up late last night and watched a really good quirky film called Napoleon Dynamite.

I had a good day today, my human was with me all day (he took today off work as tomorrow is a public/official holiday, making another four day weekend), except of course when he walked to the shops and did some gardening.

In the afternoon, Honey and Jaffa's human Michael came over briefly to show my human how to make chocolate brownies, while he was shown how to make coq au vin. I even had a quick lie down on his lap when he was having a cup of tea, leaving message for those two cats, and the puppy.

Tonight, in keeping with the quirky theme, we watched a great film called Thumbsucker .

Oh, on Desperate Housewives tonight, there was a scene of a cat taking his human for a walk.


new pic

Me looking out from the living room window (this window-sill is a paw-step up from the floor, not like the dining room window which needs a leap). I like checking out the front of the house and watching dogs and their people take walks.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

perfect or fake teeth?

There is a lot of hollywood gossip about actors who have surgical enhancements to make their breasts bigger (with implants), shape their bottoms (with liposuction), make their lips fuller (collagen implants), or reshape their nose etc.

Nobody pays any attention to the teeth. Given the amount of junk food and sugary soda (soft drink) that people eat and drink, particularly in the US, the amount of people with perfect teeth (especially in the film and TV industry) is rather surprising.

It's about time gossip columns speculated about which actors have dental implants, or false teeth etc.

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Today was another couch day. We watched Le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) which is a really cool French horror film.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

football - round 4

Football round 4 - uggghhhh! Lions battling Tigers...

The telecast isn't even on TV until 11.30pm but we already know the results as my human and I were watching the red and blue dots and listening to the radio streaming on the internet. It was a close game until half time, then the Tigers kept on kicking goals one after another. But the final result isn't so bad.

RICHMOND 1.4 4.8 10.11 14.12 (96)
BRISBANE 1.6 4.9 5.10 11.16 (82)
Goals: Richmond: M Richardson 4 G Stafford 3 T Simmonds K Pettifer P Bowden S Tuck D Jackson R Tambling K Johnson. Brisbane: D Bradshaw 2 J Brown 2 L Power 2 M Moody J Sherman D Merrett J Attard R Hooper.
Best: Brisbane: S Black J Brown L Power D Bradshaw R Hooper J Sherman. Richmond: M Richardson K Pettifer G Stafford T Simmonds R Tambling S Tuck.
Umpires: C Donlon B Rosebury S Wenn.
Crowd: 30,266 at the Gabba (this is our home ground in Brisbane).

Captain, Michael Voss

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown blocked

Jamie Charman

Jamie Charman

Jared Brennan

Luke Power



My human told me that when he was in elementary/primary school, the teacher made a big deal about the "longest" word in the English language.

At the time, it was antidisestablishmentarianism. The word is also fairly easy to pronounce as it is made up of parts of words that everybody knows how to say, all joined up. It has 28 letters.

Try saying floccinaucinihilipilification.

As floccinaucinihilipilification has 29 letters, and has only surpassed antidisestablishmentarianism as the longest word, it is obvious that the word was made up, probably as a joke, to be a new "longest" word in the English language.

If you really really want to know that the word means, check out Wordwatch. See also Wierd Words.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is only a pretend word.

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I had a good day today, although it was cold. Today was mostly a couch day, although I did spend some time on my dining chair catching sunrays. In the afternoon, I had a nice nap on the couch together with my human, mind you, it was my idea to guide him to the other couch where he could stretch out.

Friday, April 21, 2006

a distinguished dignitary undignified

Protocol is really important in global diplomacy. You'd think that would be the case when the two most powerful world leaders meet each other.

Little details can set the tone and mood for such meetings.

The Washington Post write up by Dana Milbank sums it up pretty well, see 'China and Its President Greeted by a Host of Indignities' (of 21 April 2006).

Other media have dubbed it 'Bush Blunder'.

No wonder there was no major announcement on anything.

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Ah, Friday. I can always tell, as my human gets home from work in a different mood. After I ate all my chicken wing for dinner, I hopped up to my human's lap (on the couch) and we had a nap together for about an hour.

We're going to watch Swordfish now.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Frau Bach

As all my regular readers know, one of my most favourite pieces of music is Bach's Cello Suites, in particular, the Pablo Casals recording, and lately, the Truls Mørk recording.

I was listening to the morning radio on Tuesday and heard something really interesting. It was a theory that it was not Johann Sebastian who wrote the piece, but his second wife, Anna Magdalena Bach.

See - 'Bach's wife believed to have penned cello works' on AM, ABC Radio (18 April 2006). You can even listen to the story.

Anna Magdalena kept an extensive notebook of her 'husband's' music. It might just so happen that they were actually hers.

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I was so cold last night and wasn't allowed under the covers. Finally in the middle of the night, my human let me under.

Today I mostly napped. It's what I do best.

new pic

photo taken on Monday 17 April 2006


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boing Boing is the best blog

Boing Boing is the best blog ever.

It has been around for six years and attracts 1.7 million readers a day. One of them is me!

Boing Boing is full of wonderful things - it is after all, the Directory of Wonderful Things. Readers send in very interesting snippets of information.

Boing Boing's co-editor, Cory Doctorow, is in Australia at the moment on a lecture tour. He is the ultimate nerd, even more so than Bill Gates. Nerds rule!

Check out Cory Doctorow's nerdy glasses

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I didn't do much today except listen to the radio and napped. My human went to the markets on the way home, so I'm back on raw chicken wings for dinner. Devi also came to visit for a dinner of leather jacket fish with mash potatoes and sweet potatoes and blanched broccolini.

Before my human made dinner, I had the misfortune of coming back inside after doing a poop, but as I had leftover lamb for breakfast, I messed up my fur. Oh, the embarrassment of being marched to the bathroom in front of a visitor to have my butt fur cleaned! How undignified!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the great quake

Today marked the centenary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. It was a big one and the subsequent fire lasting four days did the most damage.

Sacramento Street

You can read more about the earthquake from the links below
- SF Gate
- Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco

My human told me that San Francisco is a wonderful place, if you don't mind walking up and down the hills. He also reckons the best trip is taking the Muni along Stockton Street through the tunnel.

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The clock radio alarm went off this morning. It has not been on for days. I was also abandoned this morning. It must be a work day again. Ho hum. I think I will stay on my human's lap tonight as long as feasibly possible.

Monday, April 17, 2006

chickens on the loose

Feral chickens (Gallus gallus) run amok in Key West, Florida and have been doing so for over 175 years.

The chickens are a tourist attraction and are photographed a lot. Some residents of Key West however, are not happy with the noisy roosters crowing at all hours, having their lawns destroyed and the chicken shit everywhere.

Now bird flu may be a potential issue. The city commissioner wants all the chickens rounded up in case they are infected by migrating birds.


Squeaky and her chicks

I can think of something great to do with these free range chickens. It's called Coq au vin which my human cooks from time to time.

- CBS news 13 April 2006
- Key West Chicken Debate
- The Chicken Store, Key West (Rooster Rescue Team)

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I spent a lot of the day napping and listening to Sigur Rós (ágætis byrjun and takk...) as my human did more chores like cleaning the bathroom and ironing. He tried to put on Wagner's Tristan and Isolde earlier on, but I put my paw down - today was not a Wagner day.

Tonight, Nell and Declan came over for a roast lamb dinner. I even had a little bit, but not the bits that were covered in garlic. Blech... I also enjoyed my time on their laps and at one stage walked across the dining table to change laps (but only when the plates were cleared - I do have manners!).

Sunday, April 16, 2006

looking for intelligent alien life forms

For years, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project has been listening for signs of evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life out in the universe.

Finally, SETI will now be looking for evidence of light transmissions (whereas they previously focussed on listening for radio transmissions).

You can read more about the optical telescope here
- BBC News
- Planetary Society

The Optical SETI Telescope at the Oak Ridge Observatory is viewed here through the observation window at the side of the observatory. The telescope's 72'' mirror is clearly visible.

Primary Mirror of The Planetary Society's Optical SETI Telescope at Oak Ridge, Massachusetts. Graduate student Jason Gallicchio is seen here reflected in the 1.8 meter primary mirror

Purrsonally, I think that these scientists should be looking for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence right here on Earth. Oh, I forgot, some scientists already know, but they work for the US government, so have hushed it up.

but then again...

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I didn't get much lap time today and it was a movie-free day. My human decided that he would do chores such as cleaning the floor (including mopping) and changing the bed sheets etc. Well, that took him long enough. After he finished, I was still napping and when I woke up he was nowhere to be found.

It was getting dark and cold, and my dinner time came and went. Then he returned later tonight with Jimmy and Lily's human Brian, along with a fancy looking cabinet, not that I was terribly interested as I was yelling by now for my dinner.

Well, I found out that my human was visiting Merlin and his humans. Then he went to visit Jimmy and Lily and their humans for a delicious slow cooked lamb dinner. Old man cat Jimmy (who is a year older than me) even sat on my human's lap. I guess I have to lend my human's lap now and again as I lie on Jimmy's people's laps when they visit me.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Leonardo da Vinci Day

No, Leonardo da Vinci Day has absolutely nothing to do with that dreadfully written Dan Brown book (good story though).

Today is Leonardo da Vinci Day in celebration of the great genius' birth (15 April 1452).

In fact, da Vinci wasn't even Leonardo's surname at all, as it means 'from Vinci' where he was born.

drawing of birds in flight

We like him because he was a brilliant scientist, although his paintings were also wonderful.

Madonna on the Rocks (I don't need to show you a picture of the Mona Lisa do I?)

- Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci"
- Universal Leonardo (London)

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I had another good day today. I played hide and seek with my human early this afternoon, except that he didn't realised I was playing the game. He had walked to the local shops and had returned with new batteries for the smoke alarms. When he replaced the one in the dining room, the high pitch sound came on (though briefly) which I couldn't stand, so I hid.

Well, you should have seen my human checking all the rooms, under furniture, then he went outside in case I somehow sneaked out (yeah right, I can walk through a locked door!). After about 15 minutes of calling out my name (and to which I did not respond (well we were playing hide and seek), he found me on my day bed in my other room. What a dufus!

He left me again to rent some movies. When he came back, we watched Walk on Water which is a brilliant Israeli film about a Mossad agent tracking down an old ex-Nazi officer, and the friendships and secrets made and revealed.

a scene from Walk on Water

After the movie, we had a power catnap together on the couch, before I had my dinner of cold cooked corn fed chicken.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Titanic 2 (the sequel)

A Titanic sequel? Yep. No, they don't build another ship. That would be silly. The sequel is about Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo di Caprio). Check it out.

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What a Good Friday today is! My human spent most of the day on the couch with me, and we even had a long afternoon nap together. We watched the movie, Stay (with Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling) which was wierd.

Later on, Merlin's human Kim came over for dinner of chicken and asparagus risotto. The humans are now watching Wedding Crashers. I'm going back to a lap now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

here we go again... and Sigur Rós

From Bloomberg
Iran, which is defying United Nations Security Council demands to cease its nuclear program, may be capable of making a nuclear bomb within 16 days if it goes ahead with plans to install thousands of centrifuges at its Natanz plant, a U.S. State Department official said.

Weapons of Mass Destruction... here we go again...

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As sigur rós is one of my favourite music groups, I gave my human permission to attend their live concert last night in Sydney. Unfortunately, he forgot to leave the computer on for me so I was unable to update my diary/blog.

I was very happy to see him when he came home tonight, especially as it was just a little past my dinner time. He told me it was a really exciting concert and hearing Jónsi play his electric guitar with the cello bow was amazing to see and hear, as well as Jónsi's incredible singing.

I didn't miss out (my human told me it was warm and crowded in the theatre), but I will listen to a similar concert through NPR website (you can too at - NPR Live Concert Series - Iceland's Ethereal Sigur Ros in Concert)

My human also brought back a present for me - a book with CD called "cat naps...". The music on the CD is amazing, and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of cats with witty quotations.

And knowing how much I enjoy thinking and writing about building and house designs, he also brought back a book for me called The House Book which is full of interesting pictures and descriptions of houses. Mind you, the first thing I did with the book was to mark it as my possession using my under chin scent glands.

Even when my human is away, he still thinks about me.

football - round 3

Football Round 3 - big sigh!

My team played tonight as no teams play on Good Friday (other teams will play on Saturday, Sunday and Monday). The delayed telecast starts late tonight, but we already know the score (we followed the game on the internet watching red and blue dots move).

ST KILDA: 7.3, 10.6, 16.9, 19.10 (124) defeat
BRISBANE LIONS: 4.2, 4.7, 8.11, 12.15 (87)

GOALS – St Kilda: Riewoldt 5, Milne 3, Gehrig 2, Fiora, Goddard, Blake, Fisher, Montagna, Ackland, Schwarze, Maguire, Hamill Brisbane Lions: Brown 2, Brennan 2, Charman 2, Power 2, Stiller, Akermanis, Rischitelli, Leppitsch
BEST – St Kilda: Dal Santo, Hayes, Riewoldt, Montagna, Fisher, Baker, Thompson Brisbane Lions: Voss, Charman, Brennan, Leppitsch
INJURIES – St Kilda: Gehrig (hamstring), Harvey (hamstring)
Brisbane Lions: Leppitsch (ankle)
UMPIRES - Vozzo, Rosebury, Ellis
CROWD - 35,760 at Telstra Dome

Michael Voss (our captain)

Voss taking on the Saints team

Justin Leppitsch