Monday, April 17, 2006

chickens on the loose

Feral chickens (Gallus gallus) run amok in Key West, Florida and have been doing so for over 175 years.

The chickens are a tourist attraction and are photographed a lot. Some residents of Key West however, are not happy with the noisy roosters crowing at all hours, having their lawns destroyed and the chicken shit everywhere.

Now bird flu may be a potential issue. The city commissioner wants all the chickens rounded up in case they are infected by migrating birds.


Squeaky and her chicks

I can think of something great to do with these free range chickens. It's called Coq au vin which my human cooks from time to time.

- CBS news 13 April 2006
- Key West Chicken Debate
- The Chicken Store, Key West (Rooster Rescue Team)

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I spent a lot of the day napping and listening to Sigur Rós (ágætis byrjun and takk...) as my human did more chores like cleaning the bathroom and ironing. He tried to put on Wagner's Tristan and Isolde earlier on, but I put my paw down - today was not a Wagner day.

Tonight, Nell and Declan came over for a roast lamb dinner. I even had a little bit, but not the bits that were covered in garlic. Blech... I also enjoyed my time on their laps and at one stage walked across the dining table to change laps (but only when the plates were cleared - I do have manners!).


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