Saturday, April 08, 2006

Economists are dismal

The thing about economists is that nobody likes them.

It is also such a shame that what they do has such an impact on people and cats' lives.

See - 'Economist Class' by Moisés Naím in Foreign Policy, March/April 2006

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


Today was a wonderful day. I had lots of visitors today. After midday, my sometime carer, Emily (aunty em) came to visit me along with Saber's humans Glenn and Lyn. Emily has spent the past 12 months in Manila (in the Philippines) as a Australian Youth Ambassador for Development and I have missed her very much. I told her so and hopped on her lap straight away and we had a good chat. I also sat on Lyn's lap and made sure to leave her plenty of messages for Saber who is a much younger cat than me.

After they left, my human went out for a few hours. He brought back some oysters and finally learnt how to open/shuck them (he had decided that it was time he could, and had bought an oyster knife). Of course after spending some time cutting through the shell he finally had to look up Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion which advised about the the 'hinge'. Duh!

Later on, Nina's humans Deborah and Oscar came over. Nina is a Russian Blue. My human showed Deborah how to cook risotto, which they ate for dinner. I very much enjoyed lying on both their laps.

What an exciting day.


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