Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day, and that dog...

Today, Australia commemorated the 91st anniversary of Anzac Day. 25th April 1915 was the day that Australian and New Zealander troops landed on the Gallipoli peninsular (of the Ottoman Empire, now Turkey) during World War I.

1 Division Signal Company (at Gallipoli)

It is a solemn occasion to remember the fallen from wars and conflicts. You can read more about Anzac Day from the Australian War Memorial website.

Gallipoli was one particular campaign during World War I. While, it was a complete debacle, it is one of our most treasured nation-making stories (symbolising the birth of our nation).

This year, there was more information in the media about another theatre of another war - The Kokoda Trail campaign of World War II when Australian soldiers repelled Japanese invaders in Papua and New Guinea just to the north of Australia. The Japanese had planned to isolate Australia from Europe (by blocking our connection via Asia, like Singapore etc) and the Pacific (Battle of the Coral Sea).

A new film was released today called - Kokoda to educate people more about this particular campaign.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


My human, the doofus that he is, finally worked out why I prefer a tiny amount of food for breakfast. You see, he feeds me as soon as he wakes up. At least he has his priorities right! But I only prefer a very small snack.

No, I wait until after he has his shower, then I follow him to the kitchen. When he makes his breakfast (and packed lunch on a work day), the real good stuff really comes out, like ham sliced off the bone (he buys the residual 'bone' from the delicatessen for nix), leftover cold roast meat, or tinned fish etc. Now, that is my real breakfast.

Jake's human Dane came over in the early afternoon. He had taken his grandparents to the Anzac Day dawn service at the Australian War Memorial and was passing through after dropping them home. As it was during my midday nap, I ignored him. How inconsiderate to come during nap time! Anyway, they were chatting about conscription and other military matters, so my human told Dane that when he was in the military, the worse thing was actually boot camp and waking up at 5.30am for the first couple of days. These days, you should watch him carrying on if he has to catch a 6.30am flight for a work trip!

That dog from next door, Hagrid, came over for a visit again. He must have made another hole in the fence again. He started crying in our yard, so my human let him on to my deck, but I stayed inside and checked him out through the glass in the door. When Hagrid's people got home, you could hear the banging as they covered up yet another hole in the fence.

Hagrid is quite a funny looking dog!



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