Saturday, April 22, 2006

football - round 4

Football round 4 - uggghhhh! Lions battling Tigers...

The telecast isn't even on TV until 11.30pm but we already know the results as my human and I were watching the red and blue dots and listening to the radio streaming on the internet. It was a close game until half time, then the Tigers kept on kicking goals one after another. But the final result isn't so bad.

RICHMOND 1.4 4.8 10.11 14.12 (96)
BRISBANE 1.6 4.9 5.10 11.16 (82)
Goals: Richmond: M Richardson 4 G Stafford 3 T Simmonds K Pettifer P Bowden S Tuck D Jackson R Tambling K Johnson. Brisbane: D Bradshaw 2 J Brown 2 L Power 2 M Moody J Sherman D Merrett J Attard R Hooper.
Best: Brisbane: S Black J Brown L Power D Bradshaw R Hooper J Sherman. Richmond: M Richardson K Pettifer G Stafford T Simmonds R Tambling S Tuck.
Umpires: C Donlon B Rosebury S Wenn.
Crowd: 30,266 at the Gabba (this is our home ground in Brisbane).

Captain, Michael Voss

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown blocked

Jamie Charman

Jamie Charman

Jared Brennan

Luke Power



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