Sunday, April 30, 2006

nice work if you can get it

Consider all those American workers on the basic minimum wage. In California, it is US$6.75 an hour. At 40 hours a week, with no time off during the year, it equates to about US$14,040 a year. This is very close to the poverty line.

I bet all these people who are considered to be the "working poor" hope they too can attend some company team-building exercise and get spanked in the process.

See - 'Fresno jury awards $1.7 million to woman spanked at work', SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle) of 28 April 2006

Some people's feelings are valued a lot more than the worth and labour of many others.

The company that this woman worked for is still hiring. What a pity they have ceased those types of team-building exercises. I'm sure those on the basic minimum wage wished they had known about it.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


We watched a really cool Dutch film last night on TV called Simon which was both funny and sad. There is no way, that Hollywood could remake it, not until voluntary euthanasia is legal in the US.

This morning, my human left to visit that other ginger cat called Jake. I could smell Jake when my human got home. I found out that Jake's human Dane made breakfast with toasted bagels and smoked salmon for a little group including his sister Erin and her partner Rob. I got to see Dane when he came over briefly, but not long enough for me to leave messages on him back for Jake.

Jake is blurry as he moves like lightning. One minute he is there, the next, gone...

When my human returned, we had a little power catnap together (but with me on the lap) before he did chores then spent a lot of time in the kitchen. The fallen leaves also needed to be cleared from my back deck/porch.

Then Lily and Jimmy's humans Jackie and Brian came over for a roast lamb dinner. I mentioned before that Jimmy is a ginger part-Siamese cat. They also had roast vegetables fresh from yesterday's market.

I had fun sitting on Jackie's lap and crossed the dining table a few times (after the plates were cleared of course).

I did not get any lamb again. How rude! My human tried to trick me by baking my chicken wing so that I would think he was using the oven especially for me (of course he had to take the cooked meat off the bone for me - cooked chicken bones are not good for cats, or dogs). I was not fooled. Roast lamb smells like roast lamb. Not happy.

Earlier today, my stand-off with the mini-roboraptor


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