Saturday, April 29, 2006

football - round 5

Football round 5 - we are having an appalling season so far

WEST COAST 5.4 9.7 13.12 18.14 (122)
BRISBANE 4.2 7.4 8.8 9.9 (63)
Goals: West Coast: C Judd 4 D Chick 3 A Hunter 2 D Cox 2 S Hurn B Staker J Wooden Q Lynch J Graham A Embley A Selwood. Brisbane: J Brown 2 A McGrath 2 L Power C Johnson J Charman M Clark T Notting.
Best: West Coast: C Judd D Cox A Hunter A Embley T Stenglein. Brisbane: J Charman C Johnson T Notting J Brown L Power.
Umpires: M Stevic M Head D Goldspink.
Crowd: 40,519 at Subiaco Oval.

Aker against Chris Judd

Aker and Judd

Troy Selwood up against his identical twin Adam

Ben Fixter

Michael Rischitelli

Beau McDonald

Luke Power

Totally disappointed



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