Saturday, February 03, 2007

...not even the CIA is above the law

From The Boston Globe of 1 February 2007
German prosecutors yesterday said arrest warrants have been issued for 13 CIA operatives accused of the abduction of Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese heritage who was kidnapped in the Balkans in early 2004, flown to a secret prison in Afghanistan, and grilled for months before his captors decided he had no terrorist ties and released him.

These CIA agents have broken the law in Germany and have to be extradited to face justice. There is no excuse for depriving another country's citizen of their liberty without reason.

If the US government does not cooperate in their extradition, then it is complicit in the illegal activities of its employees, and no better than a dictatorial regime that it criticises.

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Today was a warm day, but I had my human for the whole day again. In fact, Margaret had left this morning to stay overnight elsewhere, so I have free run of my own house again (except for my other room of course).

And we have the opportunity to catch up on Smallville twice and Supernatural recorded from earlier in the week.

Clark Kent, faster than a speeding bullet, about to save another life



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