Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto and Krebs


Some people are upset that Pluto has been relegated to dwarf planet status. I have a solution to this 'problem'.

Nuke it. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen until July 2015 when NASA's New Horizons reaches Pluto.


Far more exciting (truly) is the 206th anniversary of the birth of Hans Krebs, after whom the Krebs Cycle was named (as he was the one who first identified it and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine).

My human reckons it is much more interesting than glycolysis. There is something about reducing pyruvate to carbon dioxide and a bunch of other molecules.

This is what it looks like - Animation

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had visitors today. Woohoo! Even in the morning. Martin, who is the back neighbour (and who finally got a job in my human's agency) came over to walk to work with my human. He was only here for a few minutes, but I meowed to him.

This evening, my human returned from work with Malgosia (who calls me Kizia Mizia). She only stayed for a cup of tea while my human tried to find a map of Bangkok for her. He couldn't find one (strange as he must have a few). Malgosia will be staying over in Bangkok for a few days on her way to Poland, Austria, Germany and Italy.

I ate all my breakfast this morning and all my dinner tonight. Now that I am an old cat, my human gets excited every time I eat all my meals.

After Malgosia left, my human ate a few cold leftovers from the fridge and then fell asleep on the couch! Woohoo! I was on his lap. When he woke up we watched a very exciting episode of Chaser on TV. Those guys are so funny.


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