Monday, August 21, 2006

Sebastian's gold crowns

No no, Sebastian is not royalty and I'm not referring to head wear.

Sebastian is in fact a one year old Persian cat with long black fur.

His human is a dentist, David Steele, and being a teeth specialist, he was concerned about how Sebastian's teeth were growing, so he arranged for the two bottom canine teeth (dog teeth?) to be crowned with gold at US $900 each in order to strengthen them.

Sebastian was not happy and didn't speak to his human for two days.

See - Yahoo! News of 16 August 2006

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had fun with Emily over the weekend. We watched the movie Goal! and had lots of cuddles.

My human returned today just before my dinner time and gave me my dinner and I even ate it all. Afterwards, I refused to get off his lap, although he did want to unpack.

My human told me that he caught up with his friend Jon from university days and went with his youngest brother Thomas and his wife Sarah to a stand up comedy show, then went out for a few drinks.

My human said he very much enjoyed going to the football match, and went to say hello to Judy, who works for the Lions Football Club membership office before the game and at half-time. Judy told him that I'm famous in the office with my pictures on the wall. Woohoo!

After the game, there was a meet the players activity on the field and my human managed to get more player signatures on my bandana. Woohoo! Not only that he also bought me some more player badges. Unfortunately, my human didn't get a chance to talk to the players this time, or to meet Vossy (the captain) or Blacky (his favourite player). Here are some photos that my human took -

Bernie 'the Gabba' Vegas, team mascot

running out to the field

Josh Drummond and Robert Copeland

my human told me he went "aarrgghhhhh" many times

Blacky with the ball

after the siren - Vossy addressing his players

leaving the field

former player Alistair Lynch (a legend) with Browny (who didn't play due to injury)

posing with my bandana, now with more signatures

While I was left home alone today, my human caught up with another friend Steve from university for a beer.

I'm glad to have my human back with me.



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