Saturday, August 12, 2006

25 years of the PC

If I was around 25 years ago, I wouldn't have a blog. Not only that, I would also not have a computer at home (only businesses could afford them). I can't believe what people used in those day.

25 years ago (on 12 August 1981), International Business Machines (IBM) introduced its personal computer (IBM 5150) to the world. It had a black screen with green type, hardly any memory, a floppy disk drive, and no mouse.

chunky or clunky?

making typists' work easier

a management tool

lots of fun

- The IBC PC's debut

Of course, IBM did not produce the first home computer. The Apple II had been around from 1977.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had a great day today. My human was up very early before the sun rose as he went to the farmer's market with Mary again. He came back with bags of bread (organic sourdough, Italian woodfired, and a pumpkin loaf), fresh apples and organic vegetables, and saltbush lamb. Then my human cooked up a nice smelling breakfast of sauteed fresh chestnut and some other mushrooms, fresh new season asparagus, fresh Bundawarrah grain fed free range pork bacon, and fried duck eggs on sliced Italian woodfired bread. I was even given my share of bacon. Woohoo!

Neil came over and spent a bit of time in the lock up garage - he was taking his belongings from storage as he moved into a new place. Then Saber's humans Glenn and Lyn came over to help him. All this time, I also went outside to survey my realm while my human hung out the laundry.

I also had a nice afternoon nap together with my human on the couch.


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