Sunday, August 06, 2006

football - round 18

Football - round 18. My team has no chance of making the top 8, so it is practically the end of the season for us, with no chance at the finals. Nevertheless, it was a well played game (we watched it on TV).

BRISBANE: 4.0, 8.1, 11.5, 13.9 (87)
GEELONG: 4.5, 9.11, 12.17, 14.20 (104)
GOALSBrisbane: Bradshaw 4, Merrett 2, Keating, Harding, Power, Sherman, Patfull, Stiller, Hooper Geelong: S Johnson 4, Riccardi 3, Chapman 2, King, Hunt, Ling, Corey, Playfair
BESTBrisbane: Black, Drummond, Power, Stiller, Bradshaw Geelong: Bartel, Chapman, S Johnson, D Johnson, Hunt, Egan, Prismall
INJURIESBrisbane: Drummond (hamstring), Bradshaw (dislocated fingers)
UMPIRES - Donlon, Grun, McInerney
CROWD - 28,055 at the Gabba

Clark Keating having a stoush

Joel Patfull's dropped mark

Rhan Hooper vs David Johnson

Brad Scott not stopping Peter Riccardi's mark


Robert Copeland marking

Tim Notting being tackled by Henry Playfair

It was great to see Cameron Wood finally play, who is the team's tallest player. My human met him back in May and told me that he's got a good sense of humour.



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