Saturday, July 29, 2006

people acting like cats - Le Parkour

There is a new 'urban sport' which originated in France where people pretend they are cats and jump from building structures.

As a still agile cat (for my age), I leap from one couch to the other, jump up onto the couch (and usually onto my human's lap), jump out of the big bed in the morning, leap up onto the dining room windowsill, and jump off the same windowsill.

When I was much younger, I climbed up trees, up fences and onto the roof etc.

Well some humans in France decided they'd do the same thing and jump around and over buildings and brick walls etc.

They call it Le Parkour. I call it insanity. Humans don't have sharp claws to behave like cats.


*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had another good day today, although it started earlier at the crack of dawn (unlike yesterday's major sleep in) and the heater hadn't even come on yet. It was still so cold that after my early breakfast I had to go to my other room and sit above a heater vent.

Mary came over and my human disappeared with her. They returned about 90 minutes later and my human had bags full of fresh food items. It seems they went to the Farmers' Market. Anyway, my human cooked up fresh chestnut mushrooms, fresh free range hen eggs and freshly smoked bacon with freshly baked Italian woodfired bread for breakfast. My human even GAVE ME some bacon. Yes bacon. WOOHOO!

I also managed to go outside when my human hung out the laundry, to chew on some grass and lie in the sun. I didn't have a daytime nap together with my human today as he was doing chores, but he did give me another snack of sliced deli turkey breast.

And tonight before he did the ironing (two week's worth) during the football game he gave me a nice long brush of my fur.

What a nice day I've had.


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