Saturday, July 22, 2006

football - round 16

Football round 16 - my team again only barely wins

BRISBANE 1.4 5.9 11.12 11.18 (84)
HAWTHORN 5.3 8.3 10.6 11.8 (74)
Goals: Brisbane: D Bradshaw 4 J Charman 2 J Drummond M Moody L Power R Hooper J Brennan. Hawthorn: L Franklin 3 M Williams C Bateman T Croad B Dixon R Vandenberg R Ladson L Hodge R Campbell.
Best: Brisbane: J Charman J Sherman D Bradshaw L Power C Keating R Hooper. Hawthorn: L Franklin C Brown S Mitchell L Hodge R Ladson.
Crowd: 26,738 at the Gabba.

This weekend is also the heritage round 'back to the eighties', so my team were in an original Brisbane Bears attire. Go Bears!!


Bunching up, Clark Keating is on the left (he needs a shave)

Mal Michael passing the ball

Mal Michael being tackled by Campbell Brown

Robert Copeland spoiling Luke Hodge

Jamie Charman and Cheynee Stiller colliding

Shermanator thwarting a pass by Lance Franklin

Shermanator and Vossy

Aker was a naughty boy saying things he shouldn't have, so he was excluded from playing this match



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