Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bush and stem cell research

Hmmm... President Bush's veto of a Congressional bill on stem cell research is interesting.

In relation to the matter, he also said:
In this new era, our challenge is to harness the power of science to ease human suffering without sanctioning the practices that violate the dignity of human life.
America was founded on the principle that we are all created equal, and endowed by our Creator with the right to life.

See - President Bush's statement 'President Discusses Stem Cell Research Policy' of 19 July 2006

I am still really confused how at the same time he can support the death penalty and wars where people die.

I wonder what he said to Nancy Reagan? I wonder if he would have made the decision if either of his parents suffered from Alzheimer's Disease?

See also - BBSNews for another interesting perspective

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


Margaret left this morning and I have reclaimed my other room. Woohoo! There was more excitement tonight, as if last night's wasn't enough.

My human's aunty Kathy (not a relative but an old family friend), her daughters Evelyn and Elaine and Evelyn's partner Nathan came around for dinner. They had spatchcock (0.5kg, under 1 lb chickens) for dinner, with mash (potato, butternut pumpkin and sweet potato) and blanched green beans.

Not only did I not get any of those baby chickens, but I had to wait for my second helping of dinner (as my human had to cook up another batch of chicken drumsticks for me) and I didn't get to sit on any of the visitor's laps.

Ho hum, why does my human invite non-cat people over, or those with allergies? It's very rude.


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