Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whistleblowing, Watergate and Deep Throat

Wow, we finally know who Deep Throat is who blew the Watergate scandal. Yet there are questions over the ethics of whistleblowing.

San Francisco Chronicle news article

If W. Mark Felt from the FBI (Deep Throat) did not blow the whistle, and people found out later, he might have been just as guilty in allowing a President who deserved to be impeached (or resign) get away with it. Who knows?


Merlin's human, Kim and offsprings Jordan and Liam came over this evening for penne pasta with bolognese sauce. I just laid on a dining room chair, behind my human who was sitting on it. It was cool. Then Jake's human Dane and his dad Craig came over not long after. It was very exciting but everybody then left around 8pm.

I am going to give my diary a little break until Sunday. I hope you all have a good weekend. I might change my mind though.


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