Sunday, February 06, 2005

cat calendar anyone? not Tintin!

I wish to lodge my displeasure that the almost annual cat calendar (in the study where I write up my blog) has given way to a Tintin one this year. This has been happening the last few years now what with Turner paintings, or English Setters (a dog breed). Once upon a time, a cat calender took pride of place.

Not only that, but Tintin has a dog called Milou (Snowy in English) - not a cat. I think my human likes Tintin too much. He has all the books (I tell him they are comics and he glares at me), a watch, various old diaries, a telephone address book, the DVD box set... where will it end? He even went to the Tintin shops in San Francisco, and Brussels! What gives? At least there is a cat shop at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco - where my little blue mouse toy was bought.


Today was another very pleasant day. It was not too hot and not too cold, so I napped for a bit on my piece of carpet on the deck outside (but secure and under cover - you can see photos of me on the deck above). I also had a big long brush, some ham in the morning, and went outside to chew some grass while the sheets were being hung on the washing line.

Neil and Emily came over in the afternoon today and they watched the first episode of 'Lost' (we are 13 weeks behind the US) and I sat on Emily's lap. They stayed for a quick dinner of hokkien noodles with teriyaki chicken and Asian greens (bok choy and gai laan).

It was a very lazy day for both me and my human. That's what weekends are for!

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