Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mrs Chippy the cat

Mrs Chippy was a cat who travelled to Antarctica.

Mrs Chippy and Blackborrow.

Mrs Chippy travelled with her human, Harry McNeish who was a carpenter, on the ship Endurance which sailed to Antarctica as part of the ill-fated 1914 Antarctic expedition with Ernest Shackleton.

Mrs Chippy quickly became the ship's mascot (she must have adopted all the humans).

The ship became stranded on pack ice, and Mrs Chippy perished along with the sled dogs when Shackleton ordered them shot. A five person team managed to leave and returned to rescue the crew five months later. McNeish never forgave Shackleton for the shooting of Mrs Chippy.

A statue of Mrs Chippy was erected last year on the grave of Harry McNeish in Wellington, New Zealand.

It was much cooler today. I woke up my human around 6.30am by my skittish running around, so he got up and watched tv.

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