Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cat's in the Cradle and Cat Stevens (two cats)

There is a song called Cat's in the Cradle which was a Harry Chapin song and a hit in 1974. It was also a hit in more recent times by the band, Ugly Kid Joe. Part of the lyrics go:
And the cats in the cradle
and the silver spoon
little boy blue and the
man on the moon

Of course it is not about a cat in a cradle (for babies). Cat's cradle is a game played (usually by children) with a looped string on the fingers (so it looks like a cradle), with the string moving from finger to finger.

Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin died in 1981 following a car accident (he was 38 years old). Harry Chapin also worked tirelessly for charity and change. Today the Harry Chapin Foundation supports projects on issues such as poverty.
About Harry Chapin
Harry Chapin Foundation

Also, contrary to popular belief, the song was not sung ever by Cat Stevens (wow, another cat, meow!). It is just that his voice is similar to Harry Chapin's.

Cat Stevens was born in London on 21 July 1948 as Stephen Demitri Georgiou (a Greek name) and changed his name to Yusaf Islam when he converted to the Islamic faith. He also does a lot of charity work and is raising funds for tsunami relief.
Cat Stevens site
Yusaf Islam site

Yusaf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)

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