Thursday, November 02, 2006

pumping out the gas

I was horrified to read that Australia's emission of greenhouse gases are amongst the highest per capita.

Our energy intensive industries like aluminium (we have large bauxite deposits in the north) and lots of cows (which belch methane) do not help.

See - The Age (Melbourne) of 2 November 2006

In my house we try to do our bit in reducing greenhouse gas emission. We only use energy efficent appliances and light globes. We don't have silly 'labour saving' appliances like electric can openers (surely nobody is that lazy), and do not favour pre-packaged processed foods. There is no car to run as my human walks to work. Perhaps I could convince my human to only use the vacuum cleaner less often...


I didn't eat much again today but I am feeling fine.

My human was late back tonight and I wasn't even starving for my dinner. It seems he and Emily went to hear Dr Karl talk after work. My human told me that he did not realise the venue had changed and telephoned Dr Karl on his mobile/cell phone to ask him where he was! What a doofus!

Emily stayed for a simple and quick dinner afterwards and I laid on her lap while she caught up on some TV viewing which my human had taped for her.

It also rained today.


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