Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vegemite update

My human emailed the FDA asking about the Vegemite ban. This is the response:
The controversy centers on folate, an ingredient in Vegemite.
Under US regulations, folate can be added only to breads and cereals.
"One of the Vitamin B components (in Vegemite) is folate," "In and of itself, it's not a violation. If they're adding folate to it, boosting it up, technically it would be a violation.
"But the FDA has not targeted it and I don't think we intend to target Vegemite simply because of that."

Jeannine Ertter-Prego
Senior Consumer Affairs Specialist
Office of Food Safety, Defense and Outreach Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

A direct quote from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spokesman Mike Herndon.

See - Herald Sun of 25 October 2006

The sigh of relief from the many Australian expats in the US is just about audible across the Pacific.


I had a very good day today. My other human who used to live here came over in the afternoon to visit me and gave me lots of cuddles and a nice brush of my fur. Later on, Devi then Nell and Declan came over. I laid on Nell and Declan's lap for a little while too. Then the humans had baked chicken (in a soy, marmalade and preserved lemon marinade) with mashed potato and broccoli. Then they had a lemon tart which my other human had made earlier in the afternoon.

I didn't feel like eating tonight. I am still full from yesterday.


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