Saturday, October 28, 2006

vampires and zombies don't exist... or do they?

We have a lot of vampire and zombie movies at my house. And the entire Anne Rice collection of books starting with Interview with a Vampire, then some more.

Now an academic, Costas Efthimiou, a physics professor at the University of Central Florida, has decided to publicly decree that vampires, zombies and even ghosts cannot exist.

See - Sci-Tech Today of 27 October 2006

Efthimiou takes out the calculator to prove that if a vampire sucked one person's blood each month -- turning each victim into an equally hungry vampire -- after a couple of years there would be no people left, just vampires. He started his calculations with just one vampire and 537 million humans on Jan. 1, 1600 and shows that the human population would be down to zero by July 1602.

Hello? That doesn't disprove the existence of vampires. What about blood banks, or little drinks? Animal blood? Efthimiou also makes the assumption that each victim gets turned into another vampire. Not so, according to all the movies and books out there.

Be afraid, be very afraid...


I convinced my human to make today a do nothing day, except of course when he hung out the washing and let me check out my realm.

I also ate lots today. I didn't feel like breakfast but by dinner time I was starving and had three helpings. Why my human's happiness is premised on whether I have consumed a meal is beyond my comprehension.


Blogger KJ's muse said...


KJ wanted to thank you for her birthday Rosette, but couldn't get access to your Catster page. It's up for review? What?!

So anyway, here's our official THANK YOU!

Glad you had a do-nothing day (they're the best!), and that you're eating more.

Kitty Kazoo
(and the muse)

Monday, 30 October, 2006  
Blogger Keiser said...

You're welcome Kitty Kazoo

My Catster page is back up (with no rude words now).

Tuesday, 31 October, 2006  

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