Friday, October 20, 2006

censorship and totalitarianism

A healthy democracy allows dissent and the expression of alternate political views.

A dictatorship suppresses dissent and jails dissidents.

A totalitarian regime of a one-party state recently banned an international economic magazine because it criticised the regime.

According to this country, the media should play no part in the internal politics of a country.

You can read all about it - here

For more kitty thoughts, check out Camilla and think well wishes for her.


The fresh fish dinner from last night didn't agree with me and I didn't feel like eating this morning. My human also had to clean my butt after I went this morning. Dang, no more fresh fish.

I was back to cooked chicken for dinner which I ate tonight. Then my human decided to have an early evening nap, so I cuddled up to him. He woke up just in time as we nearly missed the return of Smallville. And typically of the networks in Australia, it continued the rest of season four - Onyx and Spirit.

My human also cooked a steak for dinner, which I haven't smelt for a long time, so I begged and carried on whining and crying until he relented and gave me a few small pieces.


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