Thursday, October 12, 2006

spam or ham, and vale Barney

A can of spam costs $3.21 (200g tin from the supermarket)

A ham bone costs $2 (with plenty of ham still left on it from the delicatessen at the markets)

Which do you think my human prefers to buy (for me) every week? Okay, he does use a fair bit of it in his sandwich for his work lunch.

I found out that Barney the Great Dane from the house behind us passed away yesterday afternoon. His kidney had failed so the vet helped him to cross the rainbow bridge . Barney was an old dog at 12, which is really old for a Great Dane (though he had a small amount of another breed in him).

*For more kitty thoughts, check out Camilla and think well wishes for her.


Bobby came over tonight for a lamb curry dinner. It is nice to have a visitor, even though briefly, as I do get bored with my human's lap sometimes. But don't tell him I said that.


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