Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Peter Norman

One of the strongest and most influential images of the 20th century is that of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, who gave a black power salute at the medal podium during the playing of 'Star Spangled Banner' to draw the world's attention to the treatment of black Americans in the US.

The third person, white and an Australian was Peter Norman who had come second in the 200 metre sprint sadly died last week on 3 October.

Peter Norman's funeral was held yesterday and Tommie Smith and John Carlos were there, reunited for the last time, as his pall-bearers.

Most people don't know the part that Peter Norman played in history. They should.

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- San Jose State University Spartan Daily of 5 October 2006 (both Smith and Carlos were students here)

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Although the weather has been warming up, the nights have still been cool, so I have been going under the covers at bed time for a a 10 minute cuddle before sleeping on top of the covers.

Today was another boring day.


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