Friday, December 23, 2005

more media stupidity: Sir Elton's wedding

Okay, the whole world now knows about the civil union of Sir Elton John and Mr David Furnish.

Now the media is having fun about what title Mr Furnish should be called. The wives of knights (Sir) are traditionally styled Lady, like Sir Paul and Lady Heather McCartney.

The media is turning a non-issue into a bit of fun. How sad.

Well, the husbands of dames (the female equivalent of a knight), like Dame Joan Sutherland, do not have a matching title. And they do not seem to care.

So how about doing away with the title Lady for the wives of knights in the first place? After all, they didn't earn that title anymore than their husbands did (especially those who were knighted in return for political favours).

Ha! What stupidity. And how even more sad that none of the newspapers even suggested something logical and sensible like Squire.

Sir Elton John and Squire David Furnish. Blah blah blah... do we really care?

*THANK YOU so much Madeline for my gifts. You are truly wonderful and they cheered me up.

**As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.

***Cooper wrote about kitty Christmas cookies and his human actually made him some Savoury Cheese Treats. Cooper sent me this picture to show me. How cruel! I was expecting real ones to download from the email attachment to actually eat. Technology has a long way to catch up to Star Trek!!

But I must say that Cooper's human is a brillant food stylist and photographer!


Well, my human got let off early for work and Sue came for a quick visit of a cup of tea and some Christmas cake. Thankfully, as it was way too hot to walk.

My blood results are back. I have slightly higher levels of urea in my blood which means that my kidneys are still working fine, but working very hard. I've not got diabetes. And my thyroid is working within the normal range. The vet thought perhaps I am stressed.

Being abandoned five days a week during the day will do that to you. Only kidding. I'm an old girl and require more cuddling than before.

Today is an even hotter day which doesn't help with my stress levels.


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