Saturday, December 24, 2005

an Australian Christmas carol

Most non-religious Christmas carols evoke imageries of snow and winter. These are very at odds to the reality of a hot summer in Australia during this time of the year.

There is a Christmas carol featuring kangaroos that was written by Rolf Harris in 1960 which is really cool.

Six White Boomers
(Rolf Harris/John D. Brown)

Early on one Christmas Day a joey kangaroo,
Was far from home and lost in a great big zoo.
'Mummy, where's my mummy? They've taken her away.'
We'll help you find your mummy, son. Hop up on the sleigh.'

Up beside the bag of toys little joey hopped,
But they hadn't gone far when Santa stopped.
Unharnessed all the reindeer and Joey wondered why,
Then he heard a far off booming in the sky.

Six white boomers, snow white boomers,
Racing Santa Claus through the blazing sun.
Six white boomers, snow white boomers,
On his Australian run.

The rest of the lyrics can be found at Rolf Harris' official site - here.

You can also hear the tune - here.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


Thankfully the weather was more pleasant today. I napped on my human's lap or near him while he caught up on the taped shows from last week, especially Threshold which is a little like X-Files but creepier. We also had a wonderful nap in the early afternoon.

I also had a few visitors this afternoon, but my human was careful to make sure I wasn't too excited after my health scare, but he is quite sad though.


Blogger Miss Vieno said...

Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays!

Take it easy, eat quality food and spend lots of time on you human's lap. And ask you human to buy Feliway, it might help you with your stress!

Loving purrs, Miss Vieno

Sunday, 25 December, 2005  
Blogger Keiser said...

Hey Miss Vieno

I hope you had a good Christmas. The presents from the pet shop that you and Kirre received looked great.

I'm not sure I would eat Feliway. I don't like cat biscuits and the only tin food I will eat is tuna and salmon (for humans).

Love Keiser

Tuesday, 27 December, 2005  
Blogger Miss Vieno said...

Feliway is not food.
It's a pheromone product which makes you feel good when you breathe it.

It really is a good product and widely used in shelters and vet offices, any places where there's cats with stress symptoms.

I recommend it highly, there's no harm using it but it may help you feel better.

Love, Miss Vieno

Thursday, 29 December, 2005  

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