Saturday, February 12, 2005

My essay on post-modernism by Keiser the cat

If one examines neocultural nihilism, one is faced with a choice: either reject social realism or conclude that the goal of the writer is deconstruction. Therefore, many theories concerning the role of the reader as observer exist. The subject is contextualised into a Sontagist camp that includes culture as a totality.

The main theme of la Fournier's critique of Debordist situation is a self-sufficient paradox. But the closing/opening distinction prevalent in Gibson's Count Zero emerges again in Virtual Light, although in a more mythopoetical sense. Lacan uses the term 'social realism' to denote not, in fact, deconstruction, but subdeconstruction.

However, Abian holds that we have to choose between neocultural nihilism and neotextual dialectic theory. The characteristic theme of the works of Gibson is a self-falsifying whole.

Thus, Baudrillard's model of social realism suggests that narrative must come from the masses, given that consciousness is interchangeable with truth. Bataille uses the term 'Debordist situation' to denote the common ground between society and class. In a sense, several narratives concerning the postcultural paradigm of reality may be discovered. The subject is interpolated into a social realism that includes sexuality as a totality.

However, Sontag uses the term 'Derridaist reading' to denote a materialist paradox. The main theme of Sargeant's analysis of social realism is the bridge between society and sexual identity.

What a load of crock right? Yep, I didn't write that. You can find more of this here - refresh the page for a few more examples. I was thinking of enrolling in college and studying by correspondence. If I hand in a couple papers like that, I might end up with a PhD. Dr Keiser.... I like the sound of that.


I went outside today and laid on the lawn for a few minutes and sniffed around the quince bush. I also had a lot of visitors today. Declan and Nell came over (Declan is going to Brussels and Paris on a business trip and came to borrow a guide book on Brussels). Then Nina's human Oscar (who is the husband of Deborah - who is in Brisbane this weekend) brought his offspring Hugh over who mowed the lawn. Then Emily and Neil came over for a quick visit. I begged everyone to stay longer with loud meows, but I guess they were all busy.

My whining and moaning from last night finally paid off. I had rump steak for dinner tonight!


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