Sunday, February 13, 2005

A milestone, nay a kilometrestone

I have reached over a 1000 views (hits) on my Catster page. Woo hoo!

That is a kilo of hits. Kilo comes from the Greek word khilioi meaning a thousand.

A kilo is also used in metric measurements throughout the world except in the United States (although they are used in science and engineering, like NASA, Boeing, etc and in research laboratories where it is standard, and in trade and commerce).

Actually, this is not strictly correct. The US might not use metric measurements for everyday use - petrol/gasoline, milk, water, etc in litres, highway distances in kilometres, etc but metric is official in the US. You might be interested in an article by Russ Rowlett about this.

There is even a metric conversion program within the US government called Toward a Metric America.

In all sports at the international level; swimmers swim distances from 50 metres to 1500 metres, the marathon is 42 kilometres, weighlifters lift kilograms of weight not pounds, etc etc

Isn't it time the rest of the United States speaks the same measurement language as the rest of the world?


I went outside again today and supervised the potting up of some bearded irises (purple). I also had a big brush today.

Steak doesn't agree with me, and my human said that sometimes what you really enjoy eating, may not always be good for you. Humph! So I am back to chicken wings.

I have a feeling that my human is going to leave me (again). The suitcase in the study has disappeared, and he has been acting really strange today. I am trying to figure out what I have done wrong that makes him want to leave me.


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