Saturday, November 04, 2006

occasional deafness

My human accuses me of having selective hearing. I call it occasional deafness to rest my cochlear, after all, in us older cats hearing can deteriorate due to presbycusis.

Sometimes my human uses hand signals (but that only ever worked with Fatty as they had a secret language between them). Unfortunately, I have no idea what the hand motions and waving are about.


I ate more today and my human remains happy.

I made my human do nothing today, however, Emily came over for a quick visit and whilst my human was hanging out the washing, I went outside to chew on some grass. Then my human left with Emily, but only after I was back inside the house.

My human returned about two hours later. It seems he went to check out the new retail development in the city. He told me that there is a new ten screen independent cinema complex still be be completed (thankfully, art house and foreign films still have a home).

Then we had a nap together on the couch for about an hour in the afternoon.


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