Friday, March 03, 2006

10 years of what?

Our prime minister, John Howard has just celebrated his 10th anniversary in the top job.

Lots of other people have been commiserating.

He gave quite a good speech yesterday. His government 'cares' about the vulnerable in our society.
And the fifth challenge is in some ways our greatest. And that is to maintain our great national unity, our social cohesion and above all our egalitarian spirit. I am proud of what this Government has done to modernise our social welfare system and to support the weak and vulnerable in our society. And we run the risk of not talking about this enough because our great economic strength has given us the capacity to do this. We need to find innovative ways to break the vicious cycles of poor parenting, low levels of education, unemployment and health problems that can afflict some individuals and communities. And we need to reinforce the virtuous cycles of caring families, strong learning environments, good jobs and healthy lifestyles that allow others to succeed in a competitive world. We need to find ways of restoring order to zones of chaos in some homes and communities, zones of chaos that can wreck young Australian lives.

What a shame that the prime minister doesn't realise that some of his government policies, like industrial reform, are actually creating an underclass.

You can read the rest of his speech - here

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had an excellent day today and a few visitors.

Jim and Lesley came over for lunch and my human made a risotto with speck, mushrooms, onion, and asparagus with gorgonzola cheese. I also spent a bit of time on Jim's lap. I always enjoy their visits.

Later on, my human went out for an hour and I smelt that white cat from the neighbourhood on his hand. He told me he went to visit the white cat that he spotted walking on a lead a couple of months ago. It seems he already knows the cat's humans (he didn't recognise Sally when she was walking Kettles). He went to visit Klaudia (Sally's mother) who lives nearby to give her some leftover risotto, but spent too much time patting Kettles and giving her a head massage when Klaudia mentioned that Sally walks Kettles on a leash. When I smelt Kettles on his hand, I was NOT impressed. She is only a one year old cat.

And tonight, Merlin's humans (but not Jordon) came over for dinner of teriyaki chicken with rice and blanched green beans. I didn't sit on Kim's lap for long.

It has been an exciting day, and I'm tired now. Nap time.


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