Monday, February 27, 2006

February, and Winnie

I have decided to launch a new cause. It is called 30 days for February.

I think that this month has been shortchanged by at least TWO days.

There are four months with 30 days (April, June, September and November).

The rest have 31 days (seven months).

It would be equitable to redistribute a day each from August and January towards February, so that there are seven months of 30 days, and five months of 31 days.

In leap years, there would be six months of 30 days and six months of 31 days.

I mean really, why February? It has been a long time since the old Julian calendar when emperors decided to lengthen the days of the months named after them (Julius Caeser and Augustus).

We must rectify this historical megalomanic anachronism (I bet Cooper will like that).

Speaking of calendars, no Tintin ones were available this year, so one from my football team is in the study (yay!) and a free Leunig from the newspaper is in the kitchen.

I also wish to pay tribute to my dear Catster friend Winnifred. It was with sadness that I learnt yesterday of her passing. Winnie was one of my oldest Catster friends and I very much enjoyed reading her diary which she dictated to her servant. We also catmailed about all manner of things. Her servant and my human also work in similar fields.

Rest in peace Winnie. I will miss you.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I was so confused when my human left early today. He promised me that he had the week off work. But he returned just after midday following business in the city (legal and financial).

He also came back with a new Bach recording for me. It is the new Truls Mørk recording of the Bach cello suites. You can hear samplers from Amazon.

The last time Bach cello suites were played this good was back in the 1930s when pablo Casals did it.

Truls Mørk is Norwegian and the new recording is wonderful. My human put it on for me and I napped to it. Mind you, he did interrupt it when he did chores like clean the floor (using the vacuum cleaner) on account of it being a cooler day today.

Tonight is TV night, Numb3rs, Supernatural, and taped, Desperate Housewives and Commander In Chief. I hope to get my fur brushed too.



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