Friday, February 17, 2006

hello possums

Another birthday today. Barry Humphries turned 72 today. He is an Australian cultural icon. Definitely, as he has an entry in the Australian government's culture and recreation website -

Barry Humphries is best known as the 'manager' of Dame Edna Everage (actually she is his alter ego - just don't call him a female impersonator!).

Dame Edna started out as Mrs Norm Everage (the late Norm was her husband), an average Australian housewife from Moonee Ponds, a Melbourne suburb. Along her travels she acquired a Damehood (like a knighthood for women) from the Australian prime minister at the time.

Over time, Dame Edna became a MEGAstar and hosted her own talk show in the UK.

LINK - Dame Edna - official site

Dame Edna has had a successful career on stage in the US (notably Broadway), even though many Americans don't quite understand her subtle irony and satire.

My human went to see Dame Edna on stage once (along with the other alter egos like Sir Les Patterson), and he thought she was brilliantly funny. My human also sat in the row in front of Barry Humphries once, on a domestic flight, many years ago.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had visitors tonight. Woohoo! Susan came over about 7pm and I had a long chat with her, though I'm not sure she understands cat-speak as I was asking her what she thought about the Australian wheat-sale to Iraq scandal. Then Merlin's human, Kim came over about half an hour later. I also got to sit and lie on both their laps! They came over and had Mongolian lamb hokkien noodles for dinner. With blackberries and King Island honey/cinnamon yoghurt (a good choice brought over by Susan), or vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce for dessert.

Today was also a very warm day, and it doesn't seem to be cooling down very much tonight. My human finished watching Serenity which he seemed to enjoy a lot.


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