Monday, August 01, 2005

viva la suisse!

I hope our kitty friends in Switzerland had a wonderful long weekend with their humans. Today is Switzerland's national day, which is also the anniversary of the formation (in 1291) of the Swiss Confederation.

Switzerland is one of the world's oldest republic and democracy. Mind you, one of the cantons did not give women the vote until 1990!

Switzerland is famous for their cheese (with the holes), chocolate (which I am not allowed to have), watches, banks, pocket knives (which the Swiss Army use), and efficiency.

In celebration of all things Swiss, here is a link to some local pop music samplers: Swiss music - pop and rock.

My human told me that he loved visiting Zurich and Geneva, and that the cats are very well treated there, and not to mind that the Swiss eat horsemeat.

* Please visit Cooper and Camilla who are good at finding out about things and sharing it with us.


After four days at home with me, I thought my human would leave me for the day to go to work, but he stayed home again (thanks to Bastet, the cat goddess). His doctor has increased the dosage of his medication which will take about a week to stabilise, but in the meantime he is lethargic so I have to work extra hard to make sure he gets better.

I better remind him that today is Monday which means Desperate Housewives and a nice long brush of my fur.


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