Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Don Henley

Yesterday I mentioned that Don Henley's Boys of Summer was remade as cover versions recently.

Today, Don Henley turns 58. Hard to believe. Mr Henley was pretty much the voice of The Eagles in the seventies (the other was Glen Frey earlier on), and he was their drummer too. The Eagles had some excellent songs.

Mr Henley went solo after The Eagles broke up.

My human reckons that Henley's original version of Boys of Summer (released in 1984) is one of his most favourite songs of all time. He claims the guitar work and the drumming are way excellent. And the vocals and lyrics are too. Some of my human's other favourite songs include Bryan Adams' Heaven, Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield etc. He loves eighties pop/rock.

I like some of them too. But I like watching my human go into a trance-like state when he listens to his favourite songs.

*Please visit Cooper and Camilla who are good at finding out about things and sharing it with us.


It was -4 degrees Celsius this morning. When I used to have a water bowl outside on the deck, the water inside used to be frozen solid by the morning! I now just have my water inside near my dining area.

I am looking forward to the weekend with my human. I can feel the weekend coming on as my human is a bit more relaxed after work. And hearing more about Harry Potter.


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