Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Herding cats?

I previously raised concerns over terms which disparage us cats, such as fat cats and copy cat.

Another, which is offensive, is like herding cats. This is used in the human work environment to describe an impossible task, of controlling the uncontrollable. It is also used in management-speak to describe the difficult job of managing or leading people with differing viewpoints.

It is most pertinent in relation to managing leaders with divergent ideas. The analogy is that there is no "leader of the pack" when it comes to cats, as each cat wants to be the boss. This is not strictly true as any cat who lives in a more than one cat household knows. This meaning is also lost when it comes to big cats like lions who live in prides, with a dominant male.

On a lighter note, there was a television advertisement about "cat herders" for EDS (a business and technology solutions company) which was created by the Fallon agency. You can check out the commercial here.

His great grandfather was the first cat herder in the family


Today was a good day. I napped on my newly covered dining chair and caught sun rays again. My human also came home early. He said he wasn't feeling well at work and gave me a big cuddle. I had a raw chicken wing and cooked lamb pieces for dinner!

Emily also came by after she finished work for a very brief visit in her nice work clothes and I managed to redistribute some of my fur on it. I believe in sharing.


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