Monday, January 17, 2005

Flogging a dead horse

I read an article in the UK Guardian (Saturday, January 15, 2005) called Flogging a dead horse.

I find it disgusting that some artists are cruel to animals (and kill them) in the name of art.

One 'well known artist' and the Swedish gallery which exhibited her ghastly art tried to justify this cruelty.

Link - Wetterling Gallery

I hope that there was a medical and humane reason for euthanising the animals (including cats) used in her art. And she was obviously not killing for food, which is acceptable, as most predatory animals hunt and kill for their food. Otherwise killing an animal to make a point is morally reprehensible.

Today was much cooler and it was dark in the morning (overcast) which nearly made my human sleep in and be a little later than usual for work. What I really wanted was for him to stay home and cuddle me all day. I will try better mind control next time.

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