Friday, January 14, 2005

Cool for cats


I am resting my mind today. It has been so hot that I just want to sleep and stay cool.

Speaking of cool, have you heard the song called "Cool for Cats" by (the UK band) Squeeze? It was out in 1979, and a very silly song. My favourite part of the song is
And ev'rybody tells me that
It's cool to be a cat
Cool for cats - Cool for cats

I want to thank Nina (the Russian Blue) for sharing some her Christmas ham with me. Her human Deborah works with my human in the same office. I hope her other human Hugh helps her to set up her own page on Catster so that she can be listed as my friend on Catster.

Merlin's human Kim came over for dinner (she is also the sister of my other human in absentia, working in Port Moresby). They had double thick medium rare sirloin steak (with truffled butter); cold boiled baby chat Coliban potatoes dressed in basil infused olive oil and chives; cherry tomato, diced Spanish onion, and diced Lebanese cucumber salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing; and a baby fennel and orange salad, dressed with olive oil and rasberry vinegar. They also had a dessert of tin peaches with custard.

I think they also had some kettle chips which was not shared with me!

Today was one of the hottest for sometime, 38 degrees Celsius. And we don't even have air conditioning!

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