Thursday, January 13, 2005

A poem


I want to share a poem called Nocturne by Mikael Wiehes. This poem was recited by the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson on New Year's Eve in Skansen, Sweden, instead of the usual fireworks. Of the European countries, Sweden was the most affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami.

NOCTURNE (Mikael Wiehes)

Nu vilar vind
Nu slumrar mörka vatten
Nu falnar glöd
Nu faller dag till ro
Nu stillnar tid
Nu saktar livet stegen
Nu stiger dröm
Nu tystnar äng och skog

En kort sekund
En tyst minut
En liten stund
låter sig livet hejdas
Nu sover jord
Nu blundar solens öga
Nu kommer natt
Nu faller dag till ro

The wind has calmed
Dark waters now lay tranquil
The glow now fades
The day gives way
to peace

Time now stands still
The pace of life has faltered
Now dreams arise
Silence fills fields
and forests

A calm descends
A quiet minute
A moment when
the flow of life is broken
The earth now sleeps
The sun has closed its weary eye
As night draws near
The day gives way
to peace

It is a very beautiful poem, both in Swedish and the English translation. And very sad.

Today was another very very hot day.

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