Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year

I'm back! And a happy new year, for the first of January, to all my human and cat friends. That is, if you observe the Gregorian calendar.

The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582. Prior to that, the Julian calendar was used by most of Western civilisation, since 45 BC (Julius Caesar). The use of BC (for Before Christ is not intended to offend, but to acknowledge common usage over the centuries), in preference to the 'politically correct' BCE (for Before Common Era).

Well, a year date has to start somewhere, and there is some dispute about the real birth year (and indeed date) for the historical Christ.

Other calendars in use around the world include the Hebrew calendar, the Islamic calender and the Chinese lunar calendar.

We should all celebrate the new year for each of those calendars.

I apologise for the cyber-absence. My humans went away for a few days and left the computer turned off (at the wall)! My paws could not reach the plug switch! Thankfully I had visitors who ensured I was fed and cuddled. I am so glad my humans are home!

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