Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Some of my friends

A special hello to Sparkle, a 3 year old short hair from Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA who catmailed me in response to my "cat got my tongue" joke yesterday. It was funny wasn't it?

And a hello to Deej, a 1 year old (and her human Holly) from Adams Centre, Watertown in New York state who appreciate my taste in brushing music.

Today I want to talk about some of my powerful friends in high places.

Everyone has heard of Socks, who helped his humans, the Clintons to govern the United States. Well Socks was a very wise (and attractive) cat when he lived at the White House, even though his human President Clinton did not always listen to his counsel. After the Clintons adopted a dog (hissssssss) called Buddy, Socks moved out with Betty Curry to a house out in Virginia. But Socks was still very influential.

President Clinton with the real Commander-in-Chief, Socks

There is now another cat who lives at the White House called India. India has more patience with the Bush's dogs (they are not as boisterous as Buddy was). Like Socks before her, India also offers wise counsel. Unfortunately, President Bush cannot understand her at all. Such a woeful situation. You may draw your own conclusions.

Current Commander-in-Chief, India (unfortunately her power is undermined)

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