Monday, December 13, 2004

I can see the woods for the trees...

One of my favourite trees is the Liquid Amber (Liquidambar styraciflua) in the backyard which is about 10 metres tall. I love to run up the trunk of the tree to the branches about 3 metres off the ground, survey my territory and scamper down again.

Another of my favourite trees is the Magnolia grandiflora which we have in a pot in the back deck. It is a dwarf variety. At my old house we had a Magnolia grandiflora which was about 4 metres tall (after 5 years as a sapling).

I love lying on the grass and chewing it as well (it helps to bring up fur balls) when I go outside.

I am not so much of a flower cat even though I am a girl cat. My brother Fatty on the other hand was a flower cat. He used to love lying under the plum tree hidden within the daffodils. Once he even had dandelions tucked under his collar! My human still misses Fatty very much.

Today I listened to radio ABC Classic FM - there was a lot of Bach on including Suite 1 of the Cello Suites.

Clive Robertson was not on today (he usually hosts ABC Classic FM from 5.30 am to 9.05am). I also heard that Clive Robertson will be leaving. What a shame, I always did enjoy Clive's acerbic remarks. Good luck Clive.

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