Sunday, December 05, 2004

Watching grass grow

Today I had my human all day, even though most of that was in the study as he had a deadline for work. I did however have a nap on his lap on the couch for a little while which was great.

Being a Sunday, I will give my philosophical musings a well deserved break.

I also listened to the entire recording of La Traviata.

Susan came for lunch (they had congee with rare beef, salted duck eggs, hundred year old - black - duck eggs, and condiments such as preserved tofu)

I went outside for a few minutes to check that my grass is still growing. And I managed to sit on Susan's lap too. She doesn't have a cat, I can tell by her scent, but she still loves me.

After some cooked chicken and steak yesterday, today's meals were very disappointing. The vet said that I may have a protein allergy which might explain why I don't get beef much anymore.


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