Thursday, December 02, 2004


My favourite piece of art is a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In 1867 he painted a picture of Édouard Manet's niece, Julie Manet with her cat.

Renoir - Julie Manet and her cat

I also enjoy looking at other paintings from the French impressionists, particular Claude Monet who was only one year younger than Renoir. His water lilies are quite spectacular. There is a print of Monet's Japanese Footbridge (1899 which hangs at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC) in my house and I take delight in staring at it for hours. Framed behind glass, I am unable to inspect it more closely with my claws... I do wonder whether I can remove one of the lilies.

Our Monet at home (just a print, not the original!)


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