Thursday, December 09, 2004

Talk to me...

It is hard for cats to read. If a newspaper is on the floor, we will lie on top of it, even when you are reading. This way, we absorb the information in the paper through our fur. Occasionally, you may just catch us reading the print.

Most of all, cats love being read to. I have been hearing about Elizabeth David, the pioneer of French and Italian cooking in England. She studied in Paris at the Sorbonne and her exposure to French food was a revelation of just how good food could be, in comparison to what she was being served at home.

I have also been listening to the English translation of Homer's Iliad from time to time. Cat in the Hat? Save that for the human kiddies and kittens.

Most of all, cats love recipes being read to them. One of my favourites is hearing about slow cooked lamb leg.


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