Monday, December 20, 2004

Music to be brushed by

Today's entry is addressed to my fellow cats.

If your human regularly brushes you, as mine does, you might consider asking for music to help lull your human into a rhythm and thus a longer grooming session. I love the early pop from the 1960s and 1970s.

Some suggestions are:
Downtown (Petula Clark) - 3 min 06
Up, Up & Away (The Fifth Dimension) - 2 min 38
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (various) - 3 min 11
The Look of Love (Dusty Springfield) - 3 min 33
Anyone Who Had a Heart (Dionne Warwick or Dusty Springfield) - 3 min 09
It's Getting Better (Mama Cass Elliot) - 2 min 59
Welcome to the World (Mama Cass Elliot) - 2 min 17

Some 1980s stuff are pretty cool too:
Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes) - 3 min 41
Slow Hand (Pointer Sisters) - 3 min 51
Brass in Pocket (Pretenders) - 3 min 05
Love is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar) - 4 min 06
Drive (The Cars) - 3 min 55
Classic (Adrian Gurwitz) - 3 min 40
Take On Me (a-Ha) - 3 min 44
Echo Beach (Martha and the Muffins) - 3 min 55

If they sing along and replace some of the lyrics with your name, that is a sign they adore and worship you, as they should.

On the other hand, if your human has really bad taste in music, then I think you better move out and adopt another one (but the most important criteria of course is FOOD)...

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