Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Taking leave our our senses

Of the senses, the olfactory (or sense of smell) is perhaps the most under-rated.

Our sense of smell is fourteen time stronger than a human's and which we rely on greater than sight or hearing. We use it to identify food. I can tell something delicious has come out of the fridge without being told what it is, especially ham.

We also use our scent to identify our territory. Fatty used to mark our territory with urine and I used to follow this scent, reassured that he was protecting our territory.

We also use pheromones from glands in our face and feet to mark our 'possessions' including furniture, walls, and especially our humans (and any visitors who stop by).

We also love to sleep next to our humans, or where they sleep, as this is very reassuring. Some of us love to sleep ON our humans, usually on a lap. We also love to hear humans talking and for them to talk to us. Most of us also love music.

Contrary to popular believe, we cannot see well in the dark. If furniture is moved around in the dark before we take note of the layout, we will usually bump into it. We do use our whiskers to judge narrow spaces.

Today was a rather boring day.

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