Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve dedication

I would like to dedicate this entry to the pets (not just cats) which perished on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Darwin (Australia) in 1974 (30 years ago). More details from Wikipedia.

At that time, a major cyclone (hurricane or typhoon) - Cyclone Tracy - hit Darwin. It is still the biggest natural disaster in Australian history.

Some 65 people died and countless numbers of pets.

Most of the population (at that time 48,000) was made homeless resulting in the biggest peace-time evacuation in Australian history. 70% of homes were destroyed or rendered unlivable.

Many who lived through 300km+ winds and watched their homes collapse around them never returned, the trauma being so great.

The rest of Australia was greeted on Christmas day with news of this disaster. They were generous in their assistance.

May we remember with love the many pets who died and who are sadly missed by their humans through natural disaster. The trauma of surviving a disaster where your home and all your possessions are destroyed are great. The loss of a loved animal even more so in these circumstances.

I went to the vet this morning, and have a clean bill of health for another year. Hooray!

My other human arrived home last night for the holidays. He is now working in Port Moresby for two years. I am so glad he is back (for now). He is the best cuddler.

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