Monday, December 27, 2004


Today I watched (on the news on television) as thousands of people lost their homes to the devastating Tsunami throughout South East Asia. I mentioned this in my entry yesterday, but only today have we seen the true extent of the disaster. All of us should do what we can to assist and I have personally committed a few of my hard earned pocket money to the many aid agencies providing supporting those made homeless. Nature is truly ruthless and we should do all we can to help those in this hour of need. If you can, please help.

Suzanne and Greg came to dinner tonight. They had, to start; smoked salmon wrapped in cucumber, provence olives, maggie beer pate, and caper berries. Then slow cooked pork in coriander seed, fennel seed, fresh rosemary, garlic and red wine vinegar, served with mashed sweet potato and desiree potato and steamed asparagus. And finished with King Island Brie and King Island blue Brie, with rockmelon (canteloupe) and grapes.

I enjoyed sitting on Greg's lap and also being stroked/patted by Suzanne.

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