Monday, January 10, 2005

manga and anime


My human finished reading to me, Peter Carey's new book Wrong About Japan. Peter Carey is a well known Australian author now living in New York. In the book, Carey recounts his visit to Japan with his son Charley.

Wrong About Japan is about Carey's examination of his son's obsession with manga and anime - Japanese comics and animation.

Both manga and anime have a large global following. Unlike western comics which are marketed at children, manga is also read by adults. Anime from Japan has enjoyed great success in the West, most recently Miyazaki's "Spirited Away".

Today there are more and more manga and anime enthusiasts who attend manga/anime conventions than there fans (Trekkies) who attend Star Trek conventions.

I can't wait for him to finish reading Homer's Illiad to me.

After all those visitors last week, and with two humans home, the house is now very quiet with just me and (my) one human. Sigh... it was much more fun when there was four of us at home.

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